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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unseen 1947 partitions pics

Pakistan Came into Existence on 14 August 1947. Its a great day for  a great nation and for
all the Muslim world. Pakistan build on the Name of ISLAM. our millions of brothers n sisters lost their life's, fame, and properties.  We need to remind their sacrifices so that we can feel the pain faced by them at the time of partitions.

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i urge this blog owner to read more about ex-muslims movement.. one less brainwashed, the better for humanity.

Its not the matter of brain washing . Its reality and truth of the history.

Great Vission Great HijRat.

After the partition I don't know how many million muslims were killed by Hindus but I do know that their blood was not in vain.

We in Pakistan must never forget their sacrifices..


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