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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maya Khan Interview With Kamran Shahid

Maya Khan Latest Interview on Anti Dating Program. She was fired from here TV Channel. Here her views with Kamran Shahid.

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After seeing and hearing all that, The whole story changes as they come out to be paid actors. Besides I strongly feel that the TV channel who approved and executed the concept of this show, is fully responsible and bound to explain instead of Maya. Maya Khan is also a highly paid artist, and conducted the show with the given team, technicians and equipment of the TV channel. But how come the TV channel instead of supporting her they sacked her?

I agree. Why Maya alone is vistomized. I dnt belive that channel authorities were not aware of the program. She is just victomized. we must support her. i really sad to see her weeping face. why she is asked for apology. many other are doing worst things.

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